Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Happy Holidays.

So that's the Easter holidays all done and dusted for another year and to be totally honest I didn't want them to end. Oh yes there was still the fighting and the bickering between the boys, when is there not , but I was quite happy either being at home or going out and about whenever and wherever we fancied.

There was good weather , which gave Gabe the chance to wear his new prescription sunglasses for the first time, and not so good weather which were the days we just hunkered down and pottered around the house or in one case had a trip to the cinema.

I'm looking forward to the Summer oh yes but before that there will be Cow Parsley and Buttercups by the bucket load

and more long walks with these three .

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hendon Beach...

Thank you so much for all the ' welcome backs' , it's so nice to know that I haven't been entirely forgotten. It wouldn't have surprised me if I had to be honest what with having such a long gap . I really appreciate it.
It's hard getting back into the swing of things though isn't it.

One of the things that we've done since I last visited here is to explore a new beach. We are so lucky to live right on the coast and have lots of different bits of beach to go to. This one though I didn't think I'd ever been to although my dad tells me that he used to take me there when I was a lot younger.
On this occasion Milo took one of my older cameras as he likes it when me and him go out by ourselves and just snap away. So the photo above is of him taking a picture of Gabe.

The sky was very ominous that day and we thought several times that we were going to get wet but we were lucky and it held off. This beach has recently been tidied and all the big rocks have been pushed back to act as a breaker of sorts. So there were hardly any treasures to be found as it was totally smooth.

At the minute we are halfway through the second week of the Easter Holidays. We broke up really early and go back the Tuesday after Easter Sunday.
I was at work the first week but have been off this week so we have been out and about making the most of the sunshine. We have had a couple of glorious days , one where I even took my coat off and walked around in short sleeves all day !


 This morning when I took Milo to cricket club I actually saw my first swallows of the year. Three of them swooping across the pitch and then darting into the archway where they nest most years. I think they are a bit early this year but it made me so happy to see them. Milo not so much as cricket was cancelled at the last minute due to a double booking of the pitch ... So to make up for his disappointment I'm taking them to the cinema tomorrow.


Hopefully I'll see you all again before May 16th .... Happy Easter..