Saturday, 31 January 2015

Beamish .....

I can't believe today is the last day of January already .... where did it go ??  I had meant to do this post about 10 days ago but time just completely went too fast.

Apart from both mine and Degz's birthday being in January and the fact that I've had two meals out this month , which is completely unheard of , I think the highlight of the month was going to Beamish Museum on a school trip with Milo's class.

If you follow me on Instagram then I apologise for the photo repeats but it just looked so lovely in the snow. Where we live we had a teensy tiny bit of the white stuff but just that little bit further inland it looked like this .

Milo's class are learning about the second world war so they had to dress up like evacuees for the trip . I couldn't find anything for him to wear so ended up knitting him a tank top . Normally I don't like making 'big' things as I get bored but on this occasion I made an exception.

The museum puts on special classes for schools so they were made to pretend that they had actually left their homes and were now living on a farm in the countryside. They were shown how to make carrot cookies and how to 'blackout' the windows of a house. I loved it all and could quite happily have stayed there but I think the highlight for most of the children was the visit to the sweet shop where they actually make all the old fashioned sweets ...

If you ever get the chance to go I would thoroughly recommend it .

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Weekly Recap .....

Brrr it's cold out there and the wind is blowing a gale. The forecast at 2pm said it was going to snow so we sat and looked out of the window in anticipation but saw nothing ...... not one flake.... oh well.

I took these photo's on a short walk we did last weekend before the boys went back to school . I was looking for something a little different and the lichen on all three caught my eye.

Yesterday was my birthday , it's a bit pants having your birthday so close to Christmas and in a month where the pennies are always stretched due to getting paid early in December . I still had a lovely day though, a lie in until 8am as Degz got up to get the boys ready for school. A beautiful bouquet of flowers from all my boys and then a trip to the cinema to see the Hobbit , I'm a bit sad that all the films are done now as it was something we've looked forward to every year ,

So all in all a bit of a quiet week but that's not such a bad thing , I like the routine and I've spotted quite a few of my Tete a Tete peeping through the soil so that is something to look forward to.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Icy .....

On a clear frosty night in Winter soft ice crystals might form on an object or vegetation that has been chilled below freezing point.
These ice crystals are known as ' hoar frost ' and sometimes might be so thick that it looks like snow.

Just before New Year Milo and I took a quick walk around the fishing lake to feed the ducks with some stale bread . Yes it was cold , very very cold but it was oh so pretty and so peaceful .
We haven't had any snow this Christmas and I think I remember that we didn't have any at all last year either . If we can't have snow then this hoar frost will most definitely do.