Saturday, 3 January 2015

Icy .....

On a clear frosty night in Winter soft ice crystals might form on an object or vegetation that has been chilled below freezing point.
These ice crystals are known as ' hoar frost ' and sometimes might be so thick that it looks like snow.

Just before New Year Milo and I took a quick walk around the fishing lake to feed the ducks with some stale bread . Yes it was cold , very very cold but it was oh so pretty and so peaceful .
We haven't had any snow this Christmas and I think I remember that we didn't have any at all last year either . If we can't have snow then this hoar frost will most definitely do.


  1. that frost is really beautiful Lisa x

  2. It's beautiful Lisa!!! We missed snow this year too, but it's in our forecast for tonight. YIpee!!!

  3. Happy New Year Lisa! I love this time of year for icy formations....just gorgeous.

    Nina x

  4. Lovely photos! Happy New Year to you guys (just a bit late with my blog reading, as usual - sorry). Bethx