Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Being A Hedgehog.........

It's just gone 1pm and outside the rain is lashing down one minute and then sunny the next. There is only me at home and I'm taking some time to enjoy the silence because it doesn't happen very often.

I've got the heating on, the smell of sausage and bean casserole is wafting through from the kitchen and I'm thinking about making some banana bread.

Autumn is most definitely here and I've just gone into total hibernation mode.  Most days once I've finished work and collected the boys from school I can't wait to get home close the door behind us and wait for it to get dark so I can draw the blinds and shut the world out.

I've gone from wanting fruit for breakfast to hankering after full on fry ups and from salads for tea to casseroles or stews with dumplings or mashed potato. I'm in total stodge mode, which is not good for the waistline!

I just feel like being a hedgehog and curling up for a nice long sleep then waking up all refreshed in the Spring.

Oh and speaking of Spring.... our strawberry plants have just started flowering !!


  1. Hmmmm, is this normal? Do your strawberries think they're in Australia? I'm starting to get the fall/winter hankering too. I'm thinking I should clean my windows or something outside to get ready -- otherwise, when we hunker down, we won't be able to see outside!

  2. Such a lovely post Lisa and I still can't believe our strawberries are flowering. Must be all this rain!

    Nina x

  3. it is definitely the season for getting cosy! xxx

  4. I feel like hibernating too - in fact thinking about it that's mostly what I've been doing this last week, curled up inside with my knitting! I know what you mean about the difference in the food you're fancying too - it's definitely a stew and mashed potato time of year. Our strawberry plants did that last year and I actually picked 3 ripe strawberries on Christmas day - sadly the dry spring did for them though and they pretty much died back so we've not had homegrown strawbs this summer. Still I hope yours do well and hope you get some christmas strawberries!

  5. I know exactly what you mean - I go in to hibernation mode this time every year. Which is why I need to up the running, to counteract the fatty food!