Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Flora and Fauna...

On Sunday I took the boys down the park . Whilst they played football I wandered around the ' sensory garden' looking for bugs. Lots of bees ( I must try and learn to identify them ) , quite a few ladybirds, mostly of the 14 spot black/yellow variety ( some trying hard to increase their numbers cough cough ) and a Soldier beetle.
Not a bad afternoons work if you ask me .....


  1. You're blogging! And hey -- I think I know why -- you're trying to spread those ladybugs to as many digital mediums as possible LOL! Beautiful pictures, as always!

  2. I LOVE your bees ...... so much cuter than ours and lady bird sex a great Sunday afternoon.

  3. Lovely photos :) I felt bad, as I took a 'bug' to my Sister's at the weekend as my Uncle (an entomologist) was there for the weekend, we like to use him for 'bug identification' when needed. Turns out what we thought was some kind of wood boring insect, was in fact a tiny bee, we know because it stung my poor Uncle whilst he was attempting to ID it :( Oops! I used to know my insects quite well, when I was a kid, but with my senile old brain, it's all gone memories now. Bethx