Sunday, 14 September 2014



Last weekend the rash on Gabe's chest turned into clusters of tiny blisters so we took him to A&E . It's just at the end of the street so we didn't have far to go.

He was diagnosed with 'Shingles' which we were told could either spread all over his body and be really painful or 'fingers crossed' could stay in one spot and not be too bad.

It is contagious but only by touch so the school said he couldn't come back until all the blisters had scabbed over.

Luckily it didn't spread so that meant we could spend some time down the park..... I think he kind of liked being off school just me and him.


  1. ouch, poor Gabe, that can be really nasty, hope he's fully recovered soon, and that it doesn't come back x

  2. Oh poor Gabe, and I'm surprised to hear someone so young got shingles, I know it can strike any time after chicken pox (I think, hope I've got that right) but I've only known older folk who've had it. I, too, hope it doesn't come back as I know it can be very painful. Hope he's back on form now. Bethxx

  3. Hope Gabe is much better now...shingles can be so nasty!
    I'm sure having a day in the park with you in the sunshine helped take his mind off it too:-)
    Lovely pics,
    Susan x