Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Snippets...

 Thought you might like to see some snippets from our Sunday. The first photo is a bit random but as I was taking some dirty dishes to the sink I noticed how pretty the green was against the white walls and the black of the pan so I had to put those dishes down and go find my camera.

 The boys had a very lazy morning whilst I spent nearly two hours tidying our bedroom and Degz was cooking lunch. Check out Gabe's gymnastic medal which he's barely taken off since he got it at school on Friday.

For the morning of Gabe's birthday I blew up a load of balloons, so many that I actually went dizzy, and fastened them all to the outside of his bedroom door so that he walked into them when the door was opened. They're now all bunched together and hanging from a hook in the hall ceiling.

After dinner, which was mouth watering we went for  a walk down the park as the sun was actually shining, there has been so much rain lately I'd forgotten what it looked like. I love the insides of foxgloves... so pretty.

Hope you had a jumping Sunday too.


  1. Looks like a perfect Sunday to me -- especially the part where the hubby makes dinner LOL!!!

  2. Yum lamb roast. I love the inside of foxgloves also having said that they remind me of noses with those little hairs LOL.

  3. Oooh, I do like all those balloons tied together like that - it looks great. Hope he had a great birthday. Your house looks really lovely. x