Monday, 30 July 2012

First Week Gone....

 So that's the first week of the Summer Holidays over with and for the most part it's been sunny so we've had a few trips out and about.

On this particular day even though we kept getting the odd black clouds floating by we decided to have a trip to Roker beach.... much better without the crowds from the airshow.

Now if you look just off middle in the picture below you will see a little dot. This little dot is actually the lighthouse at the end of Roker pier, somewhere I've never actually been to so I decided that this was our mission for today, to walk to the end of the pier.

On the way there we saw this HUGE ship come out of the harbour, it was enormous. I later found out that it was loaded up with cars and they were on their way to St Petersburg , quite a journey.

Even when we got the gates at the end of the Pier you can see that is still a long way to go . By this stage the boys were getting quite tired but I egged them on with a promise of an ice cream once we'd done it.

I have to say that I was a bit nervous as I kept thinking that the boys would fall off into the water but I needn't have worried as they were fine.

The closer we got to the lighthouse the windier it got so both caps were put in my bag just in case Billy Windys decided he wanted to throw them into the water and as you can see there were lots of fisherman out there too. Although we were told that today wasn't a particularly ' good day for bites'. Personally I've never seen the enjoyment in fishing but I suppose if you wanted peace and quiet and to be alone with Mother Nature then this could be an option for you.

Looking back towards the land just gave me a completely different perspective of Sunderland and I could see why Roker beach was very popular in the Victorian times . I took some photo's of the old houses but for some reason they were all a bit blurry so unfortunately I can't show you them .... maybe next time.

We all had a bit of a rest after our long trek and I did make good on the promise of ice creams .

I wonder what we can get up to this week??


  1. Very Fun! Those last two pictures say that the boys were having a great time!

  2. Wow - what a fabulous lighthouse and trip out.

    Nina x

  3. That's a long walk! My two would be moaning after the first few minutes, they are OK with walking in woods etc, where they can't see what's coming but this would cause them to moan like crazy. Ice cream bride is aways a winner though! Bethx (the linen cat)

  4. Lovely walk as usual. My hubby organises car boat from Oz to the middle east. They are big. He also use to worry about the kids on jettys.