Tuesday, 4 September 2012

All Done For Another Year

So that's it ...... six weeks holiday done and dusted. The boys went back to school today and I have to admit I do feel a little sad .
Back to the routine of 7am alarms, lunch boxes and the walking back from school bickering.

First day and already the homework has started for Milo... ten minutes reading every night , luckily that won't be a problem as the boy does love to read  but the extra so called twenty minutes every night for math and english along with spellings on top of that does seem just a bit excessive for an 8 year old I think.

I'd be interested to know what kind of homework your child gets , do you think it's a bit much?

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  1. oh how smart they look. K started high yesterday (year 9) they've been told they'll have 3 hours homework a week, and if you add up what Milo has it comes to more than that!