Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fifth Week Gone.........

 So following on from my last post and a little late due to an extremely slow internet connection here's what we got up to last Thursday .
It was a surprise trip to meet a couple of very special Blog friends one who knew I was coming and another who didn't.
The boys and I jumped on a couple of trains and went to Alnmouth which is on the Northumbrian Coast and somewhere that we've never been before.

 We weren't due to meet Tess until 4pm ish so that left us a few hours to explore . Walking down the high street admiring the bunting flapping around in the churchyard and the cute old buildings.
Then suddenly I spotted a little cobbled street with rows of hollyhocks so we had to take a quick detour but look what we found at the end of it.

The most amazing view over the golf course and the beach in the distance ..... wow, it was breathtaking.

The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to get down there. Yes, we do live close to a beach but it's nothing like this one . The tide was so far out we could hardly see the water and there were loads of shells and sand dunes to run inbetween.

Whilst they were paddling and digging holes there were a couple of rain showers and I thought we were going to have to pack up and leave but they soon blew over.


 Whilst we were tucking into some very sandy sandwiches the Sea King helicopter flew by with the crew hanging out of the door waving at everyone . Now that was 'way cool' according to Gabe.

When we met up with Tess and her son the boys were in proper hyper mood. It's quite odd meeting up with someone you've never seen before , luckily she recognised Milo so it wasn't a case of talking to random strangers.
Tess took us to Alnwick Gardens so we had a wander around and also a quick look at the castle where some of Harry Potter was filmed.

At 6pm we all went up to Barter Books where we had another identifying job to do looking for the lovely Thimbleanna . That didn't take much doing either just spotting the lady with the extra big camera .

Because I'm totally rubbish I forgot to take any photo's of the three of us . I think we were all just swept up in the moment but I have to say that the boys and I had an absolutely smashing day and we loved meeting up with a couple of truly lovely friends. Thank you to both of you.


  1. it was so lovely to meet you! and Anna. and I love your photos of the beach, it's so funny to see it through someones elses eyes xxx

  2. Ah, that's a lovely post - and you do take some stunning photographs. You ought to do it professionally - what camera do you use? I love Alnwick, we've been a few times when we've been staying in Bamburgh, and that bookshop is ace! Never got to the castle though, must put that on the list for our next visit :)

  3. Northumberland has the best beaches (even if it is always flipping freezing). My in-laws live in Morpeth and my boys are big fans of the wide open spaces too.

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day! You wouldn't have got a complete photo of Anna anyway - she always does a "Wilson" pose :o) xxx

  5. I knew you were going to say Tess 'yay' - I hope you had a fab time, but gawd it does look cold.

    Nina x

  6. OhMyGosh -- it was so fun to meet you and Tess -- and, all the boys, of course! What a surprise to see you there -- I'm so glad you were able to make it. Your trip to the beach looks wonderful too -- I'm thinking maybe we should have done that instead of the castle -- I love the beaches and we don't have any here. Next time! (Oh, and WHAT were we thinking? I didn't get a picture either! The time went by WAY too quickly!!!)