Sunday, 12 August 2012

Third Week Gone..........

 Well last week started with a bang.... literally. Just after I'd finished doing my last post the sky went pitch black and it started to thunder and lightning with some whopping great big hailstones thrown in for good measure.. Yep , that's right hailstones in August , whatever next!

But not long after Mr Sun came back out and has pretty much been with us for all of last week too. I seriously can't remember the last time we had so much sun for so long and it's been brilliant, long may it continue I say. We've had more walks and just spent time just relaxing and ticking a few more things of the boys Summer 'to do list'. That would be learning to play chess for Milo and baking cakes for Gabe. There isn't much left on the list now with only one definitely not being able to be done and that was Gabe's wish to go to Ibiza. Maybe next year .

On Thursday I had to go back to work but when I finished I met the boys in the park for a game of cricket and just a general mess around. Degz is back at work on Monday so things will change slightly then as the boys will have to spend days with family members. It's seems odd to me as this is the first Summer holidays where I've had to work but I can't complain as it's not all day every day so I still get to spend quite a bit of time with them.

There has also been more water fun and this time Milo actually joined in and enjoyed it. He's never been much of a water baby unlike his brother who takes every opportunity to get wet. This time we even made rainbows too.

So our verdict on the the last three weeks........ I think the photo above says it all. .


  1. It looks like you've been having the most perfect break! The boys are adorable - I LOVE the scooter shot. And the dogs are beautiful!

  2. hasn't the weather this week been glorious! looks like you've made the most of it! x

  3. The sun has been wonderful hasn't it? Dogs looking gorgeous too. Good to hear you're not working all the time! Juliex