Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fourth Week Gone ........

 So, that's the fourth week of the holidays gone and it's definitely been our quietest week so far in terms of things we've done but not in terms of things happening.

Last Sunday Degz took Milo to a cricket match so me and Gabe took a bit of a walk out. This included quite a bit of hill rolling and lots of playing in the park.

 The weather has also started to change this week with a lot more rain, but still so clammy and humid it's awful.
On Tuesday we took Degz to work in the car with plans to grab something to eat on the way back home and a walk around another park sort of like a mini picnic. As we pulled into the store car park the car decided to conk out just as I was parking so I decided just to leave it where it was and continue with our plans.

When we got back to the car it did start and we set off home but then as we approached quite a big roundabout chug chug chug  .....nothing, out it went again. Right at the front of the queue and I couldn't even get the hazard lights to go on, it was completely dead. So I got the boys out of the car and had to stand for about 15 minutes waving all the other cars to go round me . I phoned  Degz so he and a colleague of his managed to come to my rescue and push the car around the corner and out of the way before dropping me and the boys off at home and then going back to work.

Luckily one of my neighbours is a car mechanic and he was at home so when I explained what had happened he offered to come and jump start the piece of rubbish car so I could get it back home. On the first attempt I managed to get it to the other side of the roundabout , on the second attempt I managed to get it a bit closer to home , on the third attempt I got it into the back lane a few streets away and on the fourth attempt I managed to get it home.
It was the most awful feeling driving along knowing that at any minute it could all just stop and there was nothing I could do about it.

 We've got the car back now all fixed but I'm still really wary about driving it so we're thinking that maybe it's time for a new one. The thing is I still really really hate driving and it scares me more and more . I'm okay in my little comfort zone area but anywhere out of that and no thank you I'd rather get a bus. We would miss it if we didn't have one especially for shopping so maybe just a cheap runaround.

Anyway , enough of the car and it's problems.

Not much else was done last week due to work and car problems and next week probably won't be much different as but we'll see what we can do .
Hope you all had a lovely week.


  1. Oh, what a pain about the car. And sorry to hear you are finding it so stressful. Hope you get one you are a little happier with.
    They are such money eaters. We manage with just one but it is a pain at times if John can't cycle to work on a day when I'd like to do something. Juliex

  2. oh dear, car troubles are so stressful. x
    will you be able to make to meet with Thimbleanna on Thursday?