Sunday, 5 August 2012

Second Week Gone.........

 Well, what can I say about week two of the holidays, another week filled with sunshine , another week of getting about and playing football in the nearly empty park.

A week where freckles start to appear over little noses and the bandstand becomes the biggest goal ever.

Arrows are followed for the umpteenth time , finding beautiful little flowers and wispy grass at the end of the trail.

Admiring bunches of Sycamore helicopters that will be all too soon be turning brown and spinning to the ground.

Resting in the shade when the all the running , jumping and balancing becomes a bit too much in the heat of the afternoon.

Visits to the Hancock Museum in Newcastle which is a tick on Milo's list of things to do in the holidays,

and then there is the Olympics, oh my , it's all been a mixture of emotions, screaming and shouting at the telly then tears of happiness and some of sadness . I'm not really a sporty person but the atmosphere has definitely sucked me in...

So here's hoping week 3 has some of the same and go Team GB.............


  1. It looks like another perfect week of summer holidays. Oh dear though....I do hope you're not using up all the sunshine too soon.... ;-)

  2. I want to live in your house... I want to strip down to my underpants and dance around the yard like a loony... I'm not sure your man would let me stay though if I demanded he hose me down, what do you think? jusx