Tuesday, 1 January 2013

January 1st .... A New Year

So here we are again at the start of another year, they seem like they are coming around faster and faster don't you think ?  I have to admit that New Years Eve is not something I'm particularly fond of. Last night saw me in bed about 10.30pm ish reading my  £5 bargain book from TK Maxx. 

At least this morning there were no sore heads so after I'd dismantled the tree and took down what was left of the decorations we managed to get out for a bracing walk around the park . I was quite surprised to see so many people out and about so early .

I feel that last year we didn't get out and about as much as we had in previous years so that is one thing I'm hoping to rectify in 2013, not a resolution as such just a small change. I'm also going to try and do a bit more knitting too and use up some of my stash that is stored around the house and drives Degz mad every once in a while .

I've already started a little something for myself ........ yep , you read that right, I'm making something for me, makes a change doesn't it ! Just a little bit of ' vanilla knitting ' , a lovely term I picked up from Julie who in turn picked it up from Annie but it did make me smile.

Oh, and fingers crossed a few more blog posts as that also lapsed a bit . Did you make any resolutions?

See you soon x


  1. I've seen that book on blogland in the past and it has always sounded lovely - hope it is as good as it looks! Here's to a lovely 2013 with outdoors and stash knitting. Juliex

  2. We went to the beach and park today which was extremely muddy but so many people out and about which was lovely to see.
    I've started the NY as I mean to go on and like you intend to get out and about a lot more.
    Great book to go to bed with, it was marvel monopoly here.
    Thanks for popping by mine, Happy New Year!

    Beki xx

  3. snap! I'm knitting something for myself too. feels funny doesn't it! x

  4. Happy New Year to you and the crew. No resolutions here they never last. Looking forward to see what you are knitting for your self.

  5. Yay -- you're knitting for yourself! No real resolutions here -- just a goal -- I'd like to eek out more sewing time! The boys look so cute, as always. Happy, Happy New Year!

  6. good to read that you're knitting something for you - you will share pictures when it's ready won't you? Have a great 2013 Lisa x