Monday, 14 January 2013

Of Mice and Snow.......

Since Friday the weatherman has been warning us that snow was on its way, lots and lots of snow. So on Saturday we watched and we waited , on Sunday we watched and waited only to find the tiniest flakes fall for about an hour and then stop... it didn't even lie.
Monday they said, it will come on Monday.

So this morning I sort of sprang out of bed, pulled the curtains back expecting to see a world of white only to see .... nothing. The world of Instagram ( which I have just entered) was full of beautiful photo's of white fields and gardens and children wearing multi coloured wellies laughing and having fun building snowmen.

Disappointed we walked to school , the sky was golden with heavy clouds and the sun looked more like the moon and we just knew .... today it would snow.  It snowed whilst I was at work so I didn't see it and once again it didn't lie but the boys saw it from their classroom windows.

I've just taken Gabe to bed and we read Brambly Hedge a Winters Story where the little mice see snow for the first time. Just before I switched out the light we checked outside one last time .

The sky is pink and the snow is gently falling , big fat flakes leaving a white blanket on the ground .

Gabe snuggled down under the blankets with a huge smile on his face hopefully to dream of snow angels and four little mice called Wilfred, Teasel, Clover and Catkin .


  1. snow falling here too finally xxx

  2. We woke to a sprinkling this morning, then a couple of inches fell later. Most of that melted this afternoon and what's left has frozen to ice. The journey to school will be interesting tomorrow!

    I love the Brambley Hedge stories - I enjoyed them as a child and like to read them to my kids now.

    Gillian x

  3. You spent your weekend very like I did! We still only have a tiny dusting - I want lots more! Juliex

  4. Awww, I hope you woke up to lots of snow for the boys to play in!

  5. What a lovely post while you wait for snow we melt in the heat.