Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bitterly Cold..........

On Thursday we braved the bitterly cold weather, which is supposed to be Spring, for a walk along the deserted beach.
I think we are going to be spending a lot more time across here in the coming months.

The school holidays started a week ago and we've barely been across the doors what with the weather being so cold and the fact that my heart just hasn't been into anything lately. I do know I have to make more of an effort though as it's not fair on the boys and my mam wouldn't have wanted it this way.

We stopped for what is becoming our usual sandwich and hot drink before continuing on our stroll. With the weather being so bad the sea has thrown up more treasures than usual so we all had a good time looking for them.

Dad found quite a few big lumps of coal and he told us stories about how when he was just a little boy he would go to a part of the beach a bit further along from here with his bike and find coal to take home for his mams fire. He explained to the boys how when he was their age there wasn't any central heating and the coal fire was the main source of heating for the whole house.

There weren't any fisherman on the Pier today it was all shut off because of the high waves.

When we got home we sorted out or finds. The treasures above are Milo's , minus a crab claw which stank the house out and also resulted in his coat being washed as the smell was so bad!!.

Below are mine and Gabe's . We had been on a sea glass hunt and were very pleased to find 2 bits with letters on and some quite big bits too. I've put a penny on one piece so you can judge the size. Not a bad haul don't you think?


  1. Lovely treasures. I bet your dad enjoyed the trip with you all. Juliex

  2. oh it has been soooo cold hasn't it. love your sea glass. x