Friday, 22 March 2013


My longest outstanding WIP is finally finished...... it's not perfect , the sewing is all over the place and the wadding was far too thick but it's done.

Started September 2008 finished 30th January 2013.

Now I just have to dig out my others and see if I can get them finished too.

Oh, and the bananas from my previous post were noticed. Gabe really liked them but Milo got a bit embarrassed so on his next one I wrote the word 'pump'. That one went down well with his friends and raised a smile.


  1. it looks lovely, I nice puffy wadding in quilts!

  2. "Pump" on the bananas, ha - that's so funny!

    I think the quilt looks great. Who cares if the wadding is too thick (I think it's fine), it'll be nice and cosy.

    Gillian x

  3. I love big thick quilts -- they're soooo comfy. I'll bet you and the boys will get lots of use out of your yummy new quilt!

    And, what does "pump" mean?

  4. That must feel great to finally finish it and tip top it looks too! I'm with Thimbleanna....what does 'pump' mean? Bethx