Monday, 15 April 2013

Knitting Traditions............

My mam was a brilliant knitter, there was nothing she liked better to do when relaxing than work her woolly magic.

She made all her grandchildren umpteen cardigans, jumpers, hats and blankets.... She made presents for people and she also made little hats to put into boxes for the ' Shoebox' appeal at Christmastime.

She couldn't understand why I preferred to knit small things like toys, she always thought they were 'too fiddly'.

One item that I really loved which she made was this little hooded cardigan modelled by baby Gabe. It always looked so warm and snuggly on and I've got them all wrapped away in a box upstairs.

My friend is due to have a baby in 10 days time and I thought it might be nice if I carried on the knitting tradition and made one of these cardigans for the new baby.

It's a bit out of my comfort zone and might take me a while but so far so good.


  1. Lovely idea and your friend will treasure it, I'm sure. Juliex

  2. Awww Lisa. Good for you for carrying on your Mom's knitting tradition. I think we're so lucky to have such wonderful gifts to link our generations. You can knit and think of your beautiful Mom with every stitch. XOXO.

  3. Because you are thinnking of your mum as you knit it will be made with extra love and therefore will be perfect.

  4. It is so lovely that you are following on from your mum's traditions - that cardigan will be so special! Lucy xx

  5. I think it's a lovely idea to 'carry on' the tradition. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled to get something hand knitted, I love the things we got for the boys from Germany, they are all sitting in a box ready for the grandkids I'll eventually get to have (ha ha) no pressure then to my boys ;) Bethx

  6. Gorgeous baby photographs - not tempted to have any more?! I think your mum would love it that you're having a go at baby jackets xx