Monday, 8 April 2013

Watery ??

Gabe asked me if I would make him a blue elephant .......... so I did.

The pattern said that the finished size would be approximately 24cm in height . I think it turned out just slightly bigger.

Oh, and if you're wondering why this post is titled ' Watery' well that's because that is the name that the elephant has been given!!


  1. I love the names kids give to things. Finn's hamster is called Sporty and Angus' was (he just died, poor wee soul) called Dragon! Gorgeous elephant. Juliex

  2. He's so cute Lisa! Aren't kids funny when they choose names? Our kids named a cat Rocking Chair when they were little. I salvaged the name by calling her Rocky.

  3. He's so lovely...and the elephant :)

    Nina x

  4. I love the first photo...Gabe's expression is so cute!
    We had a gold fish called Shark Attack and when that got replaced we had Son of Shark Attack and then the next one was Shark Attack the Trilogy.

  5. Watery is great - both the elephant and the name! Lucy xx