Sunday, 24 August 2014

Park Life...........

Sunday..... a day of rest or so they say, more like restless in my book!

So I left the boys at home playing Minecraft and watching football and took myself off down the park.

It was so quiet and so peaceful , the sun was shining and I felt warm for the first time today. The rabbits were nibbling at the grass , squirrels were chattering and throwing half eaten pine cones to the ground whilst a tree creeper crept its way around the trunk of a tree. Butterflies fluttered , bees buzzed and a dragonfly rested on a leaf. It was bliss.

As much as I really don't like where we live I know that I am lucky to live close to so many open spaces where I can escape to should the need I arise .


  1. That's lovely Lisa - and you're so right to concentrate on the positives in life x

  2. Escapes are good! And you always take such pretty pictures when you DO escape!!!

  3. Sorry to learn you are not happy with your location. Some amazing photographs there, the mushroom one is perfect!

    1. Thank you Penny, I don't have a garden where I live and it's all built up so no trees either . If I could pick my house up and put it in the middle of a field I'd be happy :-)

  4. I always love my walks with you. LOVE those mushrooms.

  5. escaping outside is the best x

  6. Your photos are lovely, especially the toadstools. I know the thing about not liking where you live, but you are so right to look for the positives (I love my house and garden but I HATE the area). I hope you find time to enjoy many more quiet moments in the park. Bethx