Monday, 4 August 2014


So , finally the heat has died down and is now more bearable .

After a night of torrential rain which was more than welcome in my book I went for a wander down the park. I've been spending a lot of time there lately probably because I don't have my own garden to wander around in and I miss the green.

Sometimes it's hard to find something different to photograph when you've been to the same place so many times but thanks to Mother Nature I went in search of raindrops.

I hope you like them.


  1. Raindrops on roses, beautiful (I'm channeling Julie Andrews; whiskers on kittens, snowbells and sleigh bells and warm woollen mittens etc!) Gorgeous photo's x

    1. I was thinking that too ha ha . Thank you :-)

  2. I always love your photography, couldn't ever get bored of it!